I See It Now

I live in the woods now. I have a never ending grab at plot lines and stunning inspiration. 

This morning, I found myself hunting in District 12. Only I am not Katniss, and I didn’t, nor do I, have a bow and arrow. However, this bird was singing, and it reminded me of a mockingjay. It was beautiful. I stood outside, in the brisk dawn air, trying to locate the noise. I couldn’t. It was almost as if I were locked in a dream. 

This afternoon, I was walking through some of the richest history the United States has to offer, and I thought of what it was like to build a precarious house perched inside the rocks of a mountain. The house was so thin, yet so tall. I imagined what it must have been like to live there, what the actual history of the house was, and how indifferently interested I was on wanting to take a peek inside. Would I be possessed by its latter inhabitants or would I become mesmerized by what lingered behind the layer of rocks and wood? 

As the day breezed by, I walked outside, in the night, to find myself craning in an awkward position to fully absorb every single star. I couldn’t. There were millions. They danced and sparkled. It was a blank, black canvass and in all the artist’s excitement, silver glitter was tossed into the air and landed exactly in its assigned spot. I stood in awe. I wanted desperately to push away the trees so that I may see the glittered canvas in its entirety. Instead, I took it in pieces and it was marvelous. 

I look around at every detail, and I am taken back, briefly and sometimes longer. It’s inspiration I must have missed before. Perhaps I was blind to it; too busy to care. I was, perhaps, lost within myself too much to know what true beauty is. 

I see now. 

Find inspiration today. Find it and pause. Soak in all the details and find what you most desire. 

Let this Monday meet you with plenty of daydreams and inspirational thoughts. 

Let it out... we are all listening.

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