A Token of Thanks

My favorite candy, in the shape of a heart, made by my favorite people. This is a part of myself I never want to lose.



I love to blog. I do it for an outlet to express my feelings. When I started this blog, I didn’t imagine people would become so supportive and actually take a liking to my musings. This also goes for my Facebook page. I do not promote my page, even though Facebook asks me to every time I log in. I refuse. If you like me, it will not be because Facebook is pushing you to, the reason will go deeper than that – to shut me up. HA. Recently, my page reached 100 likes. It is because I have some very faithful followers and supporters. In order to express my thanks, I wanted to give all my followers on here and on my page parts of my work. I have offered this before, but I have added and edited. Pull up the covers, grab the nearest drink, enjoy, and once again, thank you. I hope you continue to read my ramblings, poems, stories, and whatever comes to mind from a woman who is never a loss for words.


A Shot of Shorts Part Too Many



Let it out... we are all listening.

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