A Poem A Day? 

My inbox is flooded with junk everyday. Occasionally, I get some valid pieces. April is National Poetry Month among all the other things it stands for. This particular email challenged me to write a poem a day. Well, I have high standards and I let myself know that would never happen. However, I’ll try for once a week. 4 poems. If you’re keeping track and follow religiously, you know I’ve already written a poem. But you caught me. That poem was written on Monday so it doesn’t count. Damn it. 

So here is a poem, tried and true. 

I wrote it down just for you. 

It rhymes and has rhythm 

Like all poems should. 

Except this poem doesn’t 

If you notice

I’m not through. 

It lacks imagination

It lacks that special beat. 

But I’m not here to please you

Have a good week. 

Happy F@&$ing Friday, people. 

Let it out... we are all listening.

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