I Promise To Keep Adapting, If You Stop Changing

Oh WordPress…. I like things the old way.

Do you ever sit back and think, I wish things would remain the same? I’m tired of change. Sometimes I do this. For instance, when Yahoo changes how I look at my email, when WordPress wants me to try a new way to post, when my school decides to revamp the way you learn online by changing every aspect of their online formats. It can actually get under my skin. I suppose, I am a person who can be reluctant to change.

I need you to know I took a long pause as I read those last typed words and dwelled on their meaning. I don’t really agree with them, but I have to because it’s true. A part of me doesn’t agree because I like to think I can change with the times – adapt – roll with it. For the most part, I can. When it comes to small things, I can adapt very easily. When it comes to huge changes, that’s when I lose it. My mind. It goes for a vacation without telling me. “Bye Bye, Lady! Nice knowing you!”

I miss my sanity.

When I moved, I lost my mind, when school changed their online format, I lost my mind, when I was pushed into situations that I wasn’t comfortable with, you guessed it, I lost my mind.

I’m a sad, sad soul. I’m sure I’ve stated this before, but since I have lost my sanity, I can repeat myself and expect the same results. That’s called being insane. Since it is Friday, I propose we all lose ourselves, embrace change, and find our minds. And you thought I’d say something else. Shame on you to predict the behaviors of an insane woman.

Happy F$%@ing Friday, people! Now go find your mind you lost, and if you find mine too, please give it back. It will be wearing a clown wig and carrying a suitcase filled with nothing.


PS…. was there a point to this post?

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