Some Things…

There are some things in this world that really suck. Of course, in retrospect, my experiences are not as bad as a person who doesn’t have half the things I do.  But this post isn’t about them, it’s about me. I just felt the need to let you know I do think of others, sometimes.

This post is about the things in life that really suck.

1- being co-dependent. I hate it. Asking someone to pay my bills? Not fun. Hey – I’m hungry. Give me some money so I can eat. Which, by the way, when I think of having to pay someone so you can eat, it makes me angry, but that’s another post.

2- finding a job. It really blows. Search, search, search…. Then come the countless emails that go in my spam folder for some reason. Good thing they didn’t want me because I never would have known.

1 and 2 coincide with each other. I have to be co-dependent because I don’t have a job – cause and effect. Ugh.

So for weeks I have been searching, applying, and getting denied. It’s rough. I don’t take it personally, but it still sucks. Just another one to cross off the list. So today, I made an ad for myself. I am selling my skills on Craigslist – not those skills, pervs. I organize things. I am good at it. I know I’m good because I am neurotic. Not just a little neurotic, I am talking full-blown Karen Horney’s full spectrum of neurosis. I am that woman. So my skills as an organizer are prime. Cross your fingers that someone contacts me. I need money to eat and pay my bills so I can be neither one of the things on my short list that suck, jobless and co-dependent.

Hope your Monday is good! Remember to find some inspiration today and maybe some time to send good thoughts to people who need an organizer. Momma needs money!!

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