Mondays Can Be Mean, If You Want Them To Be

It is the first Monday to a new year. What will happen? Well… a number of things. You could stub your toe while dragging your body to the bathroom. You could spill coffee on yourself. You could get stuck in traffic. You could do a number of things that always make any Monday *the best Monday EVER*. I propose you do something else. Like take the trash out. Just kidding.. no really take out the trash. Do something nice. Do something inspirational. Mondays, as we know and as I have been trying to push, do not always have to suck. They only mildly have to suck. If you want it to stink, it will. If you want it to be awesome, it might. I’m not really sure how all this cosmic universal thought stuff works. Just look at the first Monday of the year,  and stand up straight and strong ready to knock Monday in the face if it gets too penurious. I just looked up that word because I do not always have words and a thesaurus can be inspirational.

This picture has nothing to do with this post, but it does give you something to look at. Plus, it is cold.



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