Merry Freakin Holidays!

I am an observer. Walking into numerous stores, I was told Merry Christmas and I wasn’t offended. Just shocked that people said it. I mean I am constantly bombarded with people who proclaim they will never say happy holidays, and if you don’t like to hear Merry Christmas it was too bad they were gonna say it anyway and that you could eff yourself. Okay. I am often conflicted. Feeling pressure from others who are not Christian to mention happy holidays rather than what I was raised to say. So I am often worried about what to post on my blog specifically. I have readers from all across the globe who celebrate this season in many different ways. So my brain came across an ingenious idea… Enjoy the pictures of your celebrated season below and be well, love who you can, and do something nice for someone without expecting anything in return. Because I always feel like it is important to be nice, especially this time of year. I just try to remind myself that I’m too pretty for prison because being nice is hard.


The Snowman is courtesy of me, the writing is courtesy of Tim.
The Snowman is courtesy of me, the writing is courtesy of Tim.



Same Snowman - Different words
Same Snowman – Different words

Merry Freakin Holidays People!!


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