Poor Santa

I was on a walk yesterday against my own advice. I often do that. I came across Santa. I posed a few questions.

1- What is Santa doing away from the North Pole so early?

2- Why is Santa climbing a windmill?

3- Is he drunk?

I concluded this: He must be drunk. Here is the story.

Mrs. Claus is very upset and the argument lasted a little too long. Santa slammed the door and went out with his sleigh and a few reindeer. He somehow ended up in Colorado, drunk, forgot what day it was, and thought he needed to get to work. Except he has no toys.

Well that story is really boring and sad. It’s too early to be creative, plus I didn’t sleep well last night. I kept hearing things. It was probably Santa getting lost in the neighborhood. Really Santa, go home.

Happy F@#$ing Friday!

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