That’s Right, I Am Action Packed.

Last night in my literature class we were asked a simple, yet deep question about our lives. The question?


If you had to base your life on the following themes, what would it be? Drama, Action Film, Romance, Comedy, or Tragedy?


Do you know that everyone in that class chose Drama? Of course you didn’t, you weren’t there. But they did! I am always compelled to not go in the direction of my peers. Because conformity drives me insane. At least when it comes to questions in class and everyone flocks to one answer. Be different! For God’s sake, be different. When I read the question, before the flock, I chose my gut instinct. Action Film. Hey, I like action. Did this sway my answer? Of course it did. Drama movies can sometimes suck. Comedic films are funny, and I can be funny, but this question didn’t have the option of sub-categories. Romance is full of false promises, and if my life were a tragedy, I’d be dead. So I chose action. Everyone is suddenly wondering why in the world I segregated myself from the group and chose to base my life on a Die Hard movie. They stared at me as if I really had something interesting to share. I thought, do you really want to know? Of course they really didn’t, but one person did, so now everyone does. Damn you group think. I turned a shade of red and became very reluctant. Can’t we just use our imaginations and call it a day? Oh no. “Tell us oh one that doesn’t conform.” Fine. My life is like an action film because that is how I perceive it and we are all in false realities and to be honest, reality doesn’t even exist – there is no reality. Only what I perceive. And if I want to disillusion my life and pretend I am in an action packed story of adventure, then I will. I didn’t say this out-loud because in the heat of the moment I can shut down like Fort Knox. Good luck opening that… or not. I turned my shade of red and said three things that shocked the class and was rudely interrupted by someone who always has a much better story than the one you haven’t even told yet, so I shut back down again because who wants to fight for the right to be heard? We all do. But apparently not me when it comes to the action packed details of my life. I will save them for a movie or book that ends in tragedy because I was too lazy to entertain you and someone else had to write it.


Have a great Tuesday. I hope you can entertain yourself the way I do – with a false reality, (or is it?), and a vivid imagination.




Cover of
Cover of Die Hard [Blu-ray]





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