Happy 25th Birthday!!

Ahh, the time of the year when we celebrate our freedom from the womb. Or something like that. This day belongs to Tim, my husband. Today he is 25 going on 32. I have a surprise for him later, that I will blog about another day. But this post belongs to TIM!!!

I’ve been thinking about what to write for some time. Do I want to list his achievements? Do I want to talk about how awesome he is? Do I want to talk about how he is always there to rescue me? Well, I’d like to talk about all these things, but attention spans are short. So here are 10 stupendous reasons why I am celebrating #10 of Tim’s 32 err… I mean 25 birthdays. Please note: I have ADHD and these will not be in order. I save organizational writing for school. 😉

  1. He always makes me laugh. I’m not sure I’ve ever gone an entire day without a smile that was caused by Tim. If I did not smile that day, it was because I was self-loathing.
  2. No matter how crappy the car, Tim can fix it. Did I plot this before the first date? No. I am attracted to crappy cars. Let me re-phrase that. I can only afford crappy cars. Tim can fix them. YEAH!!
  3. I love to snuggle with him.
  4. I like to spend time with him. I did not say love because I am a bit selfish and I know and he knows that I like to spend time with myself. However, when we both have a day off, I’d rather hang out with him. He is more entertaining.
  5. Did I say 10? Let me think…. Let me think… Just kidding. He is very creative. I really enjoy this. If he can’t make me laugh with words, he does it with his hands. (perverts) He can make anything. One time I was sad and he made me breakfast. But not just any breakfast, PANTY CAKES!! (pancakes shaped like a thong)
  6. He always, except when I’m asleep, tells me I’m beautiful in the morning. He says, “Good morning beautiful”. Awww…
  7. He is smart. This is good when you want to have an intelligent conversation.
  8. He is my best friend.
  9. He can cook. I usually do it because I’m a control freak, but he can and he is good at it. He can also do laundry, which I don’t let him do because I have issue with this too.
  10. He is super supportive. If I said I wanted to travel, buy a dog, chop off my hair, grow a banana tree, paint for money, get a girlfriend, and do all these things without him, he’d let me because it would make me happy. (2 of the things in the list I have NOT done – try to guess the 2)

There you have it. 10 fabulous reasons why my husband is awesome. They make me love him even more.

There you go a sappy post with some humor. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIM!!!

English: Happy birthday Archana
English: Happy birthday Archana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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