Happy Fourth of July! It’s Cake Time!!

So Betty Crocker sent me an email a week ago. The email contained goodies for the Fourth of July. Well Betty, you challenged me. Here is my story.

Here is the cake that I knew I had to make.


Here is the recipe.


Here is what I made and the process.

First I organized the ingredients.

Then, I began. It wasn’t too complicated, but I can get frustrated pretty easily. Plus the sugar high I got from all the batter…. wow. Anyways, here is the red cakes. They did not turn out very well so I trashed them and started over.

My first batch.

Eww. They were too thin and became bricks.

The Blue Cake

The White Cake.

This is after my husband cut the cake and made a hole in the center.

The White and Blue Cake, cut and centered.

Just so you know, this is the 3rd sink full of dishes.

It’s a messy job.

Leftover Cake and more of my mess.

ALL DONE! (but before sprinkles)


I Did It!!

It doesn’t look like the picture, but It doesn’t look like crap either!


Happy 4th of July!! 


7 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July! It’s Cake Time!!

      1. Only 3 hours?! For me that looks like at least an 8 hour project!! And then I’d never want to eat it because I’d want to make sure everybody looked at what I poured blood, sweat and tears into (probably literally!) haha! Seriously, hats off!!


    1. Thank you. I am still really excited about this cake. My husband is the one who explained to me how the cake was made and why it needed holes. He’s the three demensional thinker. Thank goodness too or this cake would have been a disater.


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