Thank You, Everyone

Well my friends another weekend in May has gone and a new week is here. Last week brought many surprises. What was thought to become a normal week, became a week that was extremely busy.

Let’s recap. While we do, look out for lessons along the way. ๐Ÿ™‚
I know, lessons are boring. Morals you have, values you own. On my blog no post shall go without a lesson!! *pulls sword from belt and swings it high above her head* Well- most posts. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anywho… My week was different from the beginning because I knew I had to say goodbye to a wonderful soul. I babysat a three year old for two years and the coming Friday was to be my last time to see him. He moved to California. With this in anticipation, a phone call from my dad is received Wednesday night.

A family member is near death and my step-mom, her mother, and my wonderful sister wished to visit. My dad opted out and asked if my week was clear; he would like to visit. Hmmm?? Me, a week that isn’t filled with homework, crying kids, and complete chaos? Not a chance. So of course I said to come on down!!

So I picked him up on Thursday evening. Upon telling my sarcastic husband that I would be picking up my dad later, he replies…

Lift with your legs, not with your back.

Thanks Tim, for the helpful advice.

I meet my dad and see two relatives whom I had not seen in years and who live no more than two hours away. Should I insert a lesson here? No. Why? I’ll get back to it later. Maybe. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We talk and go eat. It was actually pretty interesting. I never knew that my aunt could paint. She has art work all over her house and they are beautiful. She is very creative. However, I can’t draw worth a damn unless you count stick figures as priceless artwork. My uncle is pretty cool. He is quite the conversationalist. He has a great memory. He was able to tell me all about my life and I’ve never spoken to him before.

Lesson 1 – There are no secrets in families. There are secrets, but general chatter is free game.

Since I could not put too much of my life on hold for this impromptu visit, I took my dad to work. When you have my job, parents can come to work whenever they want. I’m sure other family members and friends are welcome too.

The first part of the day was a visit to my aunts house. (my other aunt) She lives in town about 30 minutes away. It was fun to talk to her too. By the way aunt, you keep a spectacularly clean house. I’m not sure I’ve acquired that gift from you.

After the visit, I said goodbye to that precious boy. Goodbye Seamus. May I see you again and may you never forget me.

The second part was spent with two kids that I watch. They are completely adorable when company is over. They sat on my dad’s lap and I think he secretly loved it.

Saturday was the best. I live in Colorado. My dad is from Colorado. In order to see something different, and so he could view the mountains, we took the scenic route to Wyoming.

Wyoming is where my dad was to be dropped off and met by my step-mom, her mom, and my awesome sister.

We took the car through Boulder and connecting cities, to our primary destination – Estes Park – home of the famous hotel.

It was a foggy, wet, and cold day. Not a great day for viewing mountains. However, it was still something to see. The fog draped over the tips of the peaks and it was beautiful.

These are some things my dad wanted to see on this excursion.

1. Wildlife.


This picture was taken with my phone. I forgot to bring my Cannon. *grrr*
If you can see white spots lining the middle of the photo, those are elk. At least 20 or more elk. Amazing. They crossed the river in a line and I’ll never forget my dad’s reaction. He was so thrilled. However, was this good enough? Surely we can get closer?


Ahhh yes. Here we are. A close up shot. We are standing about 30 feet away, probably less. The elk are on a golf course. That’s right folks. People are playing golf and the elk are just lying around. It’s a normal day in Estes Park.

2. Mountains.

They were amazing. I live by the foothills and the mountains are about a 15 minute drive. So nearly the whole trip consisted of breathtaking views. Like this one.


Again, phone photo. Pretty, isn’t it?
Huh? What’s that you ask? What is that building? Ohhh… It’s just the Stanley Hotel. No big deal.

This is where I giggle like a little child about to open the biggest gift in the universe. Dear Stephen King, I love you.

I could not wait to step foot in that hotel. I want to stay there, I want to live there, and I want to die there. Perhaps I shall haunt the place too, along with the others.

I am returning this week with my mother, who is also visiting.


My dad took this and he has a little shake so it’s a bit blurry. I didn’t care. I was standing by the staircase and my dad was taunting me to go upstairs. I wanted to, but it’s not allowed unless you are a guest.

I found out a couple of things while I was there. I am a bit saddened by this information. The Shining which stars Jack Nicholson, was filmed in Oregon. The hotel you see in the movie is not the one you see in the above photo *cries*. Apparently Stephen King saw the movie and didn’t think it followed the book and that’s when the mini series started on ABC. Well, well, well.

I got over it and continued my ‘little girl laughing’ and ended the day with this picture.


I shall return, you beautiful hotel. I will tour your insides and we shall bond like no other. It will be magnificent.

Later that day, I drove my dad to Wyoming. We met with my step-mom, her mother, and my beautiful sister. My sister Mary ran to me and was so excited to see me. I was excited to see her too. She lit up my night. She is so precious.

Family – I told you I might talk about this lesson. They are wonderful. I don’t see them for reasons that I am not sure of. Don’t judge me.

I ‘walk’ away from this week learning that my dad is awesome. Families can be very intriguing. My sister is like no other. Nature is beautiful, we just have to open our eyes and grasp its delicate features.

I am grateful for the little things that happen in life. They become extraordinary things that I will remember forever.

I wanted to post this yesterday, but class was scheduled and my brain needed filling.

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