What I Learned This Weekend

Alright, alright…

So I missed yesterday to talk about Sam, I did not run today, and … What! What else do you want me to say?

I’m just kidding. I’m not mad. If I was, I would never direct it to my loyal fan base. I would just blame my husband for something he didn’t do and when he asks what he did, I will continually say – nothing. That’s right men. Women were put on this earth to do many things and number 5 or 8 on the list is confuse men.

Now, where was I?

Oh yes! I have had a busy weekend. I feel like I’m starting to move on with my loss. My husband and I took some of his toys, his food, and extra dog items to the local shelter. The woman who took Sam’s things immediately knew and gave her sympathies with a sad face. I almost cried. However, it’s what Sam would have wanted; to make others happy. The dogs in the shelter deserve a good bone, cookies, toys, and good food.

This past Saturday, (yesterday), I wanted to start a book about Sam. I wanted to talk about how we met. This was to be the first chapter. I did outline the book when I found out he had cancer. It may seem odd to some that I charted out a book about Sam’s life prior to his death, but it really helped the pre-grieving process. I will try to work on that this week and deliver Chapter 1 of… sorry, I don’t have a title yet.

As I mentioned before, I had a busy weekend. To remain on the brief topic of dogs, I will jump to today’s craziness and talk about my friends dogs. What a cute mess they are. It is said that many dogs, possibly all, can sense a person’s emotions. I’d like to think this is true. My dog would always remain very calm if I was crying like a baby, angry, or very sad. He also stayed very close if I was sick. If I was a jumbled cord of emotions, he would just lay his head on my lap and let me pet him. I could almost feel every ounce of emotion drain from my body. He soaked it up. When I became happy, he did too and the world was right again. This happened today. The oldest dog came to me and let me hug him. This isn’t something I would recommend you do to a dog because some can take it as a sign of aggression. This was not the case. I sat on the grass and he sat on my lap. He probably weighs over 80 pounds. I didn’t mind. I hugged him and he let me. In-between times of my senior doggy hugs, I played with their 6 month old dog. He is great, full of energy, and kisses. I love puppy kisses. It was amazing therapy and it didn’t cost me 100$ an hour. It was free. I helped take the dogs on a walk and enjoyed every minute of it. I may even take my friend’s advice and volunteer at the animal shelter. I’ve volunteered before and absolutely loved it.

Let’s jump back to Saturday. I went to the gym. Sounds boring I’m sure, but wait for it… that’s right, there is another message behind this tale. I ran on the one thing I have grown to hate, the treadmill. I really don’t like that thing. First, it’s incredibly boring. Everyone I say this to instructs me to watch tv. I really don’t watch tv. Second, the numbers pulse at me. They flash like the signs in Las Vegas and it slows me down. Then, the voices in my head, that I threatened many times, come back with their wonderful words of encouragement. I receive advice to keep me from hating that detestable machine, but I’m certain that the more I run on that…thing, the more I will grow to despise it. This was a problem because I really needed to run. I haven’t run since Sunday. The run on Sunday was horrible. I felt defeated and every hill was some major obstacle that I would never seize. I felt useless as a runner. I swam on Tuesday and I began to feel better about my life as an athlete.

I know, I’m whining a little – so what, it was a bad day.

I will tell you this. If you are a runner or any type of athlete, a bad day can break you. It’s what you do with the next day that puts your will to thrive on track. So on Saturday that is what I did. I ran on that tedious treadmill for 30 minutes, then I did something fun. I played basketball for 2 hours. I didn’t play with anyone. I just grabbed a ball and started shooting hoops. I did speed drills, I ran up and down the court, I passed the ball to myself from the wall, and I just had a good time. I didn’t worry about numbers. If you run, you get what I mean. It’s the numbers that plague you. How fast am I going? How much time have I ran? How many miles has it been? Bla… Bla… Bla. Please know I am not saying the numbers won’t help you, but at times, it can be really refreshing to let the numbers bother someone else. It is often good to forget the logistics. Perhaps I will remember this when I run tomorrow. Yes folks, tomorrow. I’m pretty sure that 2 hours of basketball and 30 minutes on that…thing, will make up for my lack of running today.  Geez.

So what have we learned from this blog post? Or rather, what did I learn from my busy weekend, (there are more things that tied up my time, but I can’t share everything).

1 – Therapy. It doesn’t have to come from a doctor that charges too much.

2 – Running. It doesn’ t have to be so complicated. Take that lesson and apply it to everyday life. Exercise also brings me back to lesson number one. It is great therapy, no matter how you work your body.

Plus, it stops me from killing people. See…?? Sometimes I like to wear this shirt to the grocery store. It generates plenty of awkward glances and people who don’t want to stand to close to you.





It was a great weekend. It was filled with love, hope, acts of kindness, and everything I needed to guide me through life’s pothole filled road.

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